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In darkness
It lights the path in front
In very gleaming lighted day
It gives shield for eyes
In storm
It shelters with the strongest shield
In tiredness
It cools the exhausted soul
In every enthusiastically stepping feet
It runs accompanying while raising hands holding beware sign
In every fall
It breaks the fall
In every happiness
Its eyes smile and reminds to thank to Him
In sadness and illness
It comes bringing the most powerful cure
Is it Faith,
As the answer to every prayer i, you, and we have send to Him
That the faith will stay alive inside the self of me, you, and us
To keep sparkling
And beating
Inside the self of me, you, us, ?

It’s Not Mars It’s Not Moon


Say it’s Mars

It’s not rocky

Say it’s moon

It’s not studded with craters

And not strewn with rocks

It’s just a piece of land

With tire prints everywhere

And It’s Everland

Camera 360

Note: actually this post was for the Weekly Photo Challenger: Pattern. My first will to join the challenge. But it’s too late. It’s already Friday when I’m about to post it. Though the new challenge has not been issued yet, but still, It’s been Friday dude! 😀

From Star to Bamboo Leaves


Hey Star, are you still there watching me from your far off distance?

Hey Door, will you open? I’m knocking…

Hey Balloon, will you share scene you see from up there?

Hey panda, would you share your bamboo leaves to me

and let me sit still beside you?

Hey Grandma, would you keep on reading the bedtime stories for me

until I fall asleep?

Hey wind, would you blow? I need fresh air…

Hey diary, do you still have more pages to write on?

Hey Kenai, are you tired hearing me twittering?

I’m happy with you…

Hey Miss Ann, please don’t ever let go my hand or I will fall.


Hey Star, just relax. It’s ok. I’ll keep watching you from down here.

Hey door, I’m allright. I know you’re still there.

Hey Balloon, I have many beautiful scenes of up there seen from down here and I want to share them to you.

Hey Panda, I’ll take care the bamboo trees. So don’t worry, you’re not gonna run out the bamboo leaves. And I will sit still beside you whenever you need me. Whenever you want to.

Hey Grandma, though you fall asleep while reading the bedtime stories for me, I’ll sing lullaby for you.

Hey wind, if you’re not going to blow, I’ll blow..

Hey diary, don’t worry. I’ll save your pages. Saving your pages means saving earth too, isn’t it?

Hey Kenai, I’ll be quite if you ask me to

Hey Miss Ann, you can release my hand. I just need it grabbed when I fall.


–a shi for a very best friend–

Tiptoeing on A Rotten Bridge


On an attempt of tiptoeing on a rotten bridge in a misty valley

though it’s steel, it’s rotten

rotten by the age

rotten by the softly blowing wind

and rotten by the men passing by

they’re not tiptoedly running

they destructively running

with no rhythm


wonderfully and carefully tiptoeing

tiptoedly running

on a rotten bridge

with wild enough stream down there

will drag me right away once I fall down


I can hear its sound

gallantly roaring


and the feeling is much;

scared, amazed, worried, wondered,

confused, determined, and so on

come and go one by one

or two by two

or all together,

to reach the end of this bridge


and the end is peacefully hiding in the blanket of the graceful mist

and the trees are just black, darkgreen, lightgreen, and yellow spots

cheerfully scattered around the blanket


then I’ll keep on the attempt

to go on wonderfully and carefully tiptoeing

tiptoedly running

on this rotten steel bridge

with much feeling

with rhythm though unstable once and many

to reach its end

where the feeling

will be just one.


–August 27, 2010. At break time. 12.00 – 13.30 pm. GA’s office room. ADM HRD’s seat and computer. The light’s on triggered by the storm crashed my big brother. It’s my being totally discomfort toward the storm. Then I’m imagining that moving here is like tiptoeing on a rotten bridge…once I fall, I die! (lebay!) 😀

Green Not Evergreen


Green grass

Green leaves

Grass is leave

And trees are leaves

They are all leaves


Not evergreen leaves

Will be brown one day

Then die

Blown by the wind

Tender or strong

Fall near the strong big real brown wood tree

On where the leave ever green once

Green grass

Its evergreen leaves will be brown pale

Then die to live with earth

For other green grasses

For other green leaves

Green grasses

Green leaves

Are all green

In this not evergreen field

In other fields

Leaves are not all green

Or not green at all

The unseen and the undetermined

It’s like all leaves are green

But actually they’re not

–Everland, August 10, 2009, night before sleeping.

My mind was suddenly dancing around with words from seeing a green field photo.–