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Catatan Kecil Motret [1]: The Eye of Wonder


Pernah nonton film animasi “Raise of the Guardians”? Masih inget boneka kayunya North? Bagian terkecil dan terdalamnya, a cute wooden little baby with very big eyes. The eye that full of wonder, sebagai center-nya North.

Yes! Big eyes, very big, because they are full of wonder. That is my center. It is what I was born with, eyes that have only seen the wonder in everything!  -North, in “Raise of the Guardians”-

For some people, it may be ordinary. But for some other people, it’s not that ordinary. Nah, karena itu, saya suka kagum sama fotografer yang bisa menghasilkan foto keren dari objek yang kalau menurut saya biasa saja.

To take a photograph means to make the hidden beauty seen, ya?

Wonder itu ngga perlu sesuatu hal yang wah, but you know, little wonders are everywhere!

the center of North

Salam big eye dari everland!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape


If there is any mountain(s) here with valley and flowing river, or beautiful lake, I’d prefer to go there. But I find none here 😀

But I’m very grateful that I find this live-sky-painting that can be different in each hour. Sky view, the nearest escape I can reach just by coming out from my office building and see the view outside, right in front of my office building; the sky above my office yard. The sky view in here is at its best in fine weather and in a badly cloudy one.

The best escape I have here, when I just want to escape from letters, numbers and papers on my desk for a while.

This is my first time joining Weekly Photo Challenge. Hope you all can enjoy my escape, the skyscape from my office yard 🙂

ps: I’m not good in knowing the cloud type, please correct it if there’s any that’s mistaken 😀

You can see other Escape photographs here.

It’s Not Mars It’s Not Moon


Say it’s Mars

It’s not rocky

Say it’s moon

It’s not studded with craters

And not strewn with rocks

It’s just a piece of land

With tire prints everywhere

And It’s Everland

Camera 360

Note: actually this post was for the Weekly Photo Challenger: Pattern. My first will to join the challenge. But it’s too late. It’s already Friday when I’m about to post it. Though the new challenge has not been issued yet, but still, It’s been Friday dude! 😀

Hidden River



Everland: Somewhere in West Sumatra.

Nggak tau tepatnya dimana. I have no idea.

Dipotret ketika saya dan teman-teman seperjalan Duri-Padang keluar dari mobil travel yang mesti “ngadem” sejenak karena asep udah ngebul dari mesinnya. Dan seperti biasa, saya lebih memilih untuk diam daripada bertanya, dimanakah kita saat ini.

Kemungkinan somewhere in Solok, tapi meragukan ya? biasanya Solok identik dengan tanaman teh-nya. Entahlah 😀