Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape


If there is any mountain(s) here with valley and flowing river, or beautiful lake, I’d prefer to go there. But I find none here πŸ˜€

But I’m very grateful that I find this live-sky-painting that can be different in each hour. Sky view, the nearest escape I can reach just by coming out from my office building and see the view outside, right in front of my office building; the sky above my office yard. The sky view in here is at its best in fine weather and in a badly cloudy one.

The best escape I have here, when I just want to escape from letters, numbers and papers on my desk for a while.

This is my first time joining Weekly Photo Challenge. Hope you all can enjoy my escape, the skyscape from my office yard πŸ™‚

ps: I’m not good in knowing the cloud type, please correct it if there’s any that’s mistaken πŸ˜€

You can see other Escape photographs here.

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